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This site is for sex offender advocacy and support

We discuses political and government policies that affect Registered Sex Offenders by using an internet radio show format. The Host, Donavon Lace hopes to educate the public by discussing such controversial topics as, Withholding Adjudication of Guilt, Retroactive Laws be they Civil or Punitive, Residency Restrictions, Risk vs. Offence Based Sentencing. It is also the hope of the Host to dispel the fear and stereotypes that surround Registered Sex Offenders and Former Offenders, generated by the Media and Law makers.


Sex Offender Advocacy Information

It is the opinion of this site that elements of the Federal Sex Offender Laws are Unconstitutional and supports the following rulings and studies.

FBI investigations of John Chapman’s wrongdoings were sealed.

"Investigated by FBI and have been found guilty of planting and modification of evidences, distributing of child pornography, manipulating people and creating cases." Jhon Chapman
Chapman on right

Nevada Federal District Court September 2008

Ohio Supreme Court July 2011

In State v. Williams, 2011-Ohio-3374, the Court ruled that applying the harsher registration and reporting requirements of the Adam Walsh Act, 2007 Am.Sub.S.B. No. 10, to sex offenders who committed acts prior to January 1, 2008 violated Section 28, Article II of the Ohio Constitution, which prohibits the enactment of retroactive laws.
“Following the enactment of S.B. 10, all doubt has been removed: R.C. Chapter 2950 is punitive.
- State v. Williams

Alaskas Supreme Court 2008

Because ASORA's registration, disclosure, and dissemination provisions violate the protection against ex post facto laws afforded by the Alaska Constitution as it applies to defendants who committed their crimes before the legislature enacted ASORA, we hold that AS 12.63.100(3) cannot be applied to Doe. We consequently REVERSE the final judgment for the state, and REMAND for entry of judgment for Doe. Registration or providing only for distribution of otherwise public information from an
offender's criminal file would have been an ex post facto law. And because we conclude that ASORA is an ex post facto law under the same standard for reviewing ex post facto claims under the Alaska Constitution that courts apply under the Federal Constitution, we decline to adopt the standard Doe advocates.

This site is for Sex Offender Advocacy and does not promote or condone illegal activities.

This site DOES believe in punishment for illicit sexual activity, so long as it is coupled with treatment and Restorative Justice.

This site promotes education and prevention programs coupled with treatment and successful reintegration of those who have served
their sentences.

BOSTON —My name is Bella Fridman. I live in Massachusetts. For 20 years I worked for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as an Environmental Engineer in a big program to clean and restore the Boston Bay. A big tragedy hit our family five years ago. This happened in connection with the fraud, corruption and injustice which have place in Stafford County Jurisdiction of Virginia. It affected not only my family but more than hundred people from different States and even countries. All these people were accused by a former policeman John Chapman from Dumfries Police Department, Virginia, which currently was investigated by FBI and have been found guilty of planting and modification of evidences, distributing of child pornography, manipulating people and creating cases.

The above story has been reprinted as submitted by and at the request of Bella Fridman. It is in the format of a letter. I have located other news articals that are in line with Bella Fridman's statements.

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Sex Offender Support Information

The Evolution of Unconstitutionality
in Sex Offender Registration Laws

Created By
Professors of Law from Southwestern Law School

The Statistics about Online Sexual Solicitations
Created By
Crimes against Children Research Center


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